Random Cam Story:

This is about how I found out my wife was a webcam slut. I had been going out with Sarah for 3 years and things were going fine – or so I thought. She was 21, about 5’5 with a hot body and always keen to have shag. We lived together in a flat in Birmingham, she working part time at an office while I worked in transport.

Everything seemed okay until one of my friends said he had seen some people he didn’t recognized close to the flat, and I had been noticing a few items had been moved around. Burglars’ maybe? – Although nothing of value was missing. I decided to find out what was going on. I had an old laptop in the lounge which had a webcam attached. I loaded a software program which would record any activity onto my hard-drive as soon as motion was detected, and I could view it when I got back from work. I decided it would be best not to tell Sarah this, as she was always saying I was paranoid about these types of things.

Tuesday was a hell of a day at work and I didn’t get back home until 11. Sarah was already asleep, so as I ate my cold dinner, I had a quick look to see if the webcam had captured anything of interest. I nearly died when I turned it on. It showed Sarah coming back to the flat with a man behind her. As soon as they were inside, he was all over her – hands up her skirt, feeling her tits, pulling her clothes off. Next she was on her knees sucking is cock like a webcam slut. What mixed emotions I was feeling. Anger on the one hand of find out Sarah was cheating on me, and horny as hell on the other – watching her faced getting fucked by some other guy. After a few minutes, they went to the bedroom and were out of view of the camera. The next shot, showed her seeing him to the door wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. I decided to set up a second camera in the bedroom and find out what else she was this slut was doing.

The next couple of days went by and nothing unusual happened. I couldn’t believe how normal Sarah could act around me when I knew she was acting like a webcam slut behind my back. On Thursday there was more activity. About 3 in the afternoon Sarah opened the front door, this time followed by two men. They sat around for about half an hour drinking before one of them get up and started pulling Sarah’s skirt down while he kissed her. After a few minutes of grouping, they both lead her into the bedroom where they got her on her back and took turns fucking her. She looked like a real webcam slut as they pounded her cunt over and over again with both of them eventually cumming.

The first guy came inside her pussy, with the second pulling out before shooting his load all over her tits. Watching my wife become a webcam slut seemed so wrong but turned me on so much. That night instead of quietly slipping into bed so as not to wake her up, I pulled down the covers and exposed her pussy. As she woke up, I started fingering her while I put my cock in her mouth – she was surprised but became wet very quickly.

That night I fucked her like I had never fucked her before, putting her in the same positions as the two men earlier in the day, slapping her ass, and calling her a slut. I now accepted that Sarah was a webcam slut, and each time she fucked other guys during the day I had my trusty webcam recording every dirty second.

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